Mark Yuen Visuals

An online portfolio for Vancouver-based video producer/photographer specializing in lifestyle and documentary filmmaking.

Andrea Graham is also known as The Librarian in the electronic dance world with her deep bass style. Her other full-time job is co-founder of Bass Coast which is an electronic and art festival formerly in Squamish but was relocated to Merritt, B.C. Bass Coast is a four-day festival with emerging electronic djs, producers, artists and installations. Reporter: Jessica Barrett, Videographer/editor: Mark Yuen.

EastVan Pillow Fight Club is an all-female collective.  I spent a couple of days with the reigning champion The Serbian Scrambler as she defended her title against The Butcher's Daughter. Producer: Mark Yuen.

On July 6, hundreds of people participated in the 2013 Healing Walk to raise awareness about the devastating impacts of the tar sands on human health and our environment. Watch and share the video to help stop the destruction and start the healing. Videographer & Editor: Mark Yuen.

Scott Arkwell is best known as Vinyl Ritchie in the DJ world.  He maintains his roots to DJ culture with his mash-up style using 45s and vinyl. Reporter: Jessica Barrett, Videographer & Editor: Mark Yuen.

I had the privilege to document conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan in their Vernon home.  The girls are facing a peril with the lack of accessibility in their current living situation.  The family was raising money and pitching a reality television show to purchase a new home in the rural region.  Reporter: Denise Ryan, Video & Editor: Mark Yuen

Vancouver-based burlesque performer Melody Mangler has been dancing for more than 10 years.  She has mastered the art of seduction. Producer: Mark Yuen

The official trailer for The Gastown Project, a Vancouver Sun multimedia project that showcases Gastown, Canada's oldest neighbourhood through profiles of its residents. The project won Jack Webster Award for Excellence in Multimedia Journalism. Reporter: Andrea Woo, Videographer & Editor: Mark Yuen

It would be an understatement to say Nelson "Dedos" Garcia has his hands in a multitude of artistic mediums ranging from concept artist, animator to being a founding member of iconic Canadian hip-hop group, Rascalz.  Dedos, in fact means fingers in Spanish and it is these gifted fingers that provides him with the unique touch in b-boy dancing and creating art. Producer: Mark Yuen.